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L. M.


Christ a Quickening Spirit.

We follow, Lord, where thou dost lead,

And, quickened, would ascend to thee,

Redeemed from sin, set free indeed

Into thy glorious liberty.

We cast behind fear, sin and death;

With thee we seek the things above;

Our inmost souls thy spirit breathe,

Of power, of calmness, and of love.

The power, ’mid worldliness and sin,

To do, in all, our Father’s will;

Like thee, the victory to win,

And bid each tempting voice be still.

The calmness perfect faith inspires,

Which waiteth patiently and long;

The love which faileth not, nor tires,

Triumphant over every wrong.

Thus through thy quickening spirit, Lord,

Thy perfect life in us reveal,

And help us, as we live to God,

Still more and more with man to feel.

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