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L. M.

J. Richardson.

One in Christ.

From Zion’s holy hill there rose

A fount divine, that ever flows;

Heaven’s smile is on its waters shed,

By heaven’s own dews the fount is fed.

That stream of Truth—a silver thread,

Scarce known, save by its fountain-head—

Now onward pours, a mighty flood,

And fills the new-formed world with good.

Where’er that living fountain flows,

New life its healing wave bestows,

And man, from sin’s corruptions free,

Inspires with its own purity.

A spirit, breathed from Zion’s hill,

In holy hearts is living still,—

That Comforter from heaven above,

The presence of celestial love.

O, may this spirit ever be

Our bond of peace and unity!

Thus shall we teach, as Christ began,

Through love, the brotherhood of man.

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