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P. M.


Ministering Angels.

Brother, the angels say,

Peace to thy heart!

We, too, O brother, have

Been as thou art,—

Hope-lifted, doubt-depressed,

Seeing in part,

Tried, troubled, tempted,

Sustained, as thou art.

Brother, they softly say,

Be our thoughts one;

Bend thou with us and pray,

“Thy will be done!”

Our God is thy God;

He willeth the best;

Trust Him as we trusted—

Rest as we rest!

Ye, too, they gently say,

Shall angels be;

Ye, too, O brothers,

From earth shall be free:

Yet in earth’s loved ones

Ye still shall have part,

Bearing God’s strength and love

To the torn heart.

Thus when the spirit, tried

Tempted and worn,

Finding no earthly aid,

Heavenward doth turn,—


Come these sweet angel-tones,

Falling like balm,

And on the troubled heart

Steals a deep calm.

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