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10s. M.

*Mrs. Howitt.

In Affliction.

Thou that art strong to comfort, look on me!

I sit in darkness and behold no light;

Over my soul the waves of agony

Have gone, and left me in a rayless night.

A bruised and broken reed sustain! sustain!

Divinest Comforter, to Thee I fly,

To whom no soul hath ever fled in vain;

Support me with thy love, or else I die.

Father, what’er I had, it all was thine;

A God of mercy Thou hast ever been;

O, help me what I most loved to resign,

And if I murmur, count it not for sin.

My soul is strengthened now, and it shall bear

All that remains, whatever it may be;

And from the very depths of my despair

I will look up, O God, and trust in Thee!

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