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7s. M.


Deliver Us From Evil.

Heavenly Father! to whose eye

Future things unfolded lie;

Through the desert when I stray

Let Thy counsels guide my way.

Leave me not, for flesh is frail,

Where fierce trials would assail;

Leave me not in darkened hour,

To withstand the tempter’s power.

Lord! uphold me day by day;

Shed a light upon my way;

Guide me through perplexing snares;

Care for me in all my cares.

Should Thy wisdom, Lord, decree

Trials long and sharp for me,

Pain, or sorrow, care or shame,—

Father! glorify Thy name.

Let me neither faint nor fear,

Feeling still that Thou art near;

In the course my Saviour trod,

Tending home to Thee, my God.

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