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L. M.


Thanksgiving Hymn.

Father of mercies! God of peace!

Being whose bounties never cease!

While to the heavens, in grateful tones,

Ascend our mingled orisons,

Listen to these, the notes of praise,

Which we, a happy people, raise!

Our hamlets, sheltered by Thy care,

Abodes of peace and plenty are;

Our tillage by Thy blessing yields

An hundred fold from ripened fields:

And flowing grain, and burthened vine,

Are tokens of Thy Love divine.

The cradled head of infancy

Doth owe its tranquil rest to Thee;

Youth’s doubting step, man’s firmer tread,

In years mature, by Thee are led;

Secure may trembling age, oh Lord!

Lean on its staff, Thy holy Word.

Teach us these blessings to improve,

Teach us to serve Thee, teach to love;

Exalt our hearts, that we may see

The Giver of all good in Thee;

And be Thy word our daily food,

Thy service, Lord, our greatest good.

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