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S. M.


The Reformer’s Vow.

God of the earnest heart,

The trust assured and still,

Thou who our strength forever art,—

We come to do Thy will!

Upon that painful road

By saints serenely trod,

Whereon their hallowing influence flowed,

Would we go forth, O God!

’Gainst doubt and shame and fear

In human hearts to strive,

That all may learn to love and bear,

To conquer self, and live;

To draw Thy blessing down,

And bring the wronged redress,

And give this glorious world its crown,

The spirit’s Godlikeness.

No dreams from toil to charm,

No trembling on the tongue;—

Lord, in Thy rest may we be calm,

Through Thy completeness, strong!

Thou hearest while we pray;

O deep within us write,

With kindling power, our God, to-day,

Thy word,—“On earth be light!”

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