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C. M.

J. Weiss.


A wondrous star our pioneer,

We left the mystic land

Where heaven-nurtured childhood slept,

Where yet old visions stand.

O God! the land of dreams we left,

Repose we left for aye,

And followed meekly to the place

Where our Redeemer lay.

That humble manger we have found;

The world his cradle is;

His life is hidden far below

Its sins and miseries.

The world throws wide its brazen gates;

With Thee we enter in;

O, grant us, in our humble sphere,

To free that world from sin.

We have one mind in Christ our Lord

To stand and point above;

To hurl rebuke at social wrong;

But all, O God, in love.

The star is resting in the sky;

To worship Christ we came;

The moments haste; O, touch our tongues

With Thy celestial flame!

The truest worship is a life;

All dreaming we resign;

We lay our offerings at thy feet,—

Our lives, O Christ, are thine!

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