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P. M.

Mrs. Hemans.

Hymn for Christmas.

O Lovely Voices of the sky,

Which hymned the Saviour’s birth,

Are ye not singing still on high,

Ye that sang, “Peace on earth”?

To us yet speak the strains,

Wherewith, in time gone by,

Ye blessed the Syrian swains,—

O Voices of the sky!

O clear and shining Light, whose beams,

That hour, heaven’s glory shed

Around the palms, and o’er the streams,

And on the shepherds’ head!

Be near, through life and death,

As in that holiest night

Of hope, and joy, and faith;

O clear and shining Light!

O Star which led to Him whose love

Brought down man’s ransom free!

Where art thou?—’midst the host above

May we still gaze on thee?

In heaven thou art not set,

Thy rays earth may not dim;

Send them to guide us yet,

O Star which led to Him!

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