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L. M.


God in His Works and Word.

God of the ocean, earth, and sky,

In Thy bright presence we rejoice;

We feel Thee, see Thee ever nigh,

And gladly hear Thy gracious voice.

We feel Thee in the sunny beam;

We see Thee walk the mountain waves;

We hear Thee in the murmuring stream,

And when the tempest wildly raves.

God on the lonely hills we meet,

God, in the vale and fragrant grove,

While birds and whispering winds repeat,

That God is there,—the God of love.

We meet Thee in the pensive hour

When wearied nature sinks to rest;

When dies the breeze, and sleeps the flower

And peace is given to every breast.

We see Thee when, at eve, afar

We upward lift our wondering sight,

We see Thee in each silent star

That glorifies the gloom of night.

But better still, and still more clear,

Thee in Thy holy Son we see;

There Thy own glorious words we hear,

And learn the way to heaven and Thee.

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