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C. M.


Prayer for Submission.

One prayer I have,—all prayers in one,

When I am wholly Thine;

Thy will, my God, Thy will be done,

And let that will be mine.

All-wise, almighty, and all-good,

In Thee I firmly trust;

Thy ways, unknown or understood,

Are merciful and just.

May I remember that to Thee

Whate’er I have I owe;

And back in gratitude from me

May all Thy bounties flow.

Thy gifts are only then enjoyed,

When used as talents lent;

Those talents only well employed,

When in Thy service spent.

And though Thy wisdom takes away,

Shall I arraign Thy will?

No, let me bless Thy name, and say

“The Lord is gracious still.”

A pilgrim through the earth I roam,

Of nothing long possessed,

And all must fail when I go home,

For this is not my rest.

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