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8 & 7s. M.


The Conflict of Life.

Onward, Christian, though the region

Where thou art be drear and lone;

God hath set a guardian legion

Very near thee,—press thou on!

Listen, Christian, their Hosanna

Rolleth o’er thee,—“God is Love.”

Write upon thy red-cross banner,

“Upward ever,—heaven’s above.”

By the thorn-road, and none other,

Is the mount of vision won;

Tread it without shrinking, brother!

Jesus trod it,—press thou on!

By thy trustful, calm endeavor,

Guiding, cheering, like the sun,

Earth-bound hearts thou shall deliver;

O, for their sake, press thou on!

Be this world the wiser, stronger,

For thy life of pain and peace;

While it needs thee, O, no longer

Pray thou for thy quick release;

Pray thou, Christian, daily, rather,

That thou be a faithful son;

By the prayer of Jesus,—“Father,

Not my will, but Thine, be done!”

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