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P. M.


Morning Hymn.

Our Father! we thank Thee for sleep,

For quiet and peaceable rest;

We bless the kind care that doth keep

Thy children from being distressed:

O, how in their weakness shall children repay

Thy fatherly kindness, by night and by day?

Our voices shall utter Thy praise,

Our hearts shall o’erflow with Thy love;

O, teach us to walk in Thy ways,

And lift us earth’s trials above!

The heart’s true affection is all we can give;

In love’s pure devotion, O, help us to live!

So long as Thou seest it right

That here upon earth we should stay,

We pray Thee to guard us by night,

And help us to serve Thee by day;

And when all the days of this life shall be o’er,

Receive us in heaven, to serve Thee the more.

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