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C. M.


The Power of Trust.

My God! in life’s most doubtful hour,

In sharpest pains of death,

Who waits on Thee hath peace and power;

Thou present help of faith!

Thy crown of joy upon his head,

Thy light upon his face,

Through storms and strife Thy Christ could tread,

On to the happy place.

And though the cross were sharp and high,

The lifted Lord could see

The souls he loved drawn nearer by

His love’s last energy.

Help me, O God! to seek—to win,

Through struggles and through prayer,

The faith which frees my soul from sin,

And brings Thy blessing there.

So shall my cross of conquered shame

My fainting brothers raise,

So Thy triumphant mercy flame

Around my path of praise.

And earth, with all its pain and toil,

By love’s pure presence blest,

Shall wear the calm celestial smile

Of heaven’s eternal rest.

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