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C. M.

R. W. Emerson.

The House Our Fathers Built to God.

We love the venerable house

Our fathers built to God;

In heaven are kept their grateful vows,

Their dust endears the sod.

Here holy thoughts a light have shed

From many a radiant face,

And prayers of tender hope have spread

A perfume through the place.

And anxious hearts have pondered here

The mystery of life,

And prayed the Eternal Spirit clear

Their doubts and aid their strife.

From humble tenements around

Came up the pensive train,

And in the church a blessing found,

Which filled their homes again.

For faith, and peace, and mighty love,

That from the Godhead flow,

Showed them the life of heaven above

Springs from the life below.

They live with God, their homes are dust;

But here their children pray,

And, in this fleeting lifetime, trust

To find the narrow way.

On him who by the altar stands,

On him Thy blessing fall!

Speak through his lips Thy pure commands,

Thou Heart, that lovest all!

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