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L. M.


God Known Through Love.

No human eyes Thy face may see;

No human thought Thy form may know;

But all creation dwells in Thee,

And Thy great life through all doth flow!

And yet, O strange and wondrous thought!

Thou art a God who hearest prayer,

And every heart with sorrow fraught

To seek Thy present aid may dare.

And though most weak our efforts seem

Into one creed these thoughts to bind,

And vain the intellectual dream,

To see and know the Eternal Mind,—

Yet Thou wilt turn them not aside,

Who cannot solve Thy life divine,

But would give up all reason’s pride

To know their hearts approved by Thine.

And Thine unceasing love gave birth

To our dear Lord, Thy holy Son,

Who left a perfect proof on earth,

That Duty, Love, and Truth are one.

So, though we faint on life’s dark hill,

And Thought grow weak, and Knowledge flee,

Yet Faith shall teach us courage still,

And Love shall guide us on to Thee!

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