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L. M.

C. Wesley.

The Sailor’s Hymn.

Lord of the wide-extended main!

Whose power the winds and seas controls,

Whose hand doth earth and heaven sustain,

Whose Spirit leads believing souls;

Throughout the deep Thy footsteps shine;

We own Thy way is in the sea,

O’erawed by majesty divine,

And lost in Thine immensity!

Thy wisdom here we learn to adore,

Thine everlasting truth we prove,

The wondrous heights of boundless power,

The unfathomable depths of love.

Infinite God, Thy greatness spanned

These heavens, and meted out the skies;

Lo! in the hollow of Thy hand

The measured waters sink and rise.

And here Thine unknown paths we trace,

Which dark to human eyes appear:

While through the mighty waves we pass

Faith only sees that God is here.

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