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7 & 6s. M.


Lo! He Cometh.

God comes, with succor speedy,

To those who suffer wrong;

To help the poor and needy,

And bid the weak be strong;

He comes to break oppression,

And set the captive free,

To take away transgression,

And rule in equity.

He shall come down, as showers

Upon the thirsty earth;

And joy and hope, like flowers,

Spring in His path to birth.

Before Him, on the mountains,

Shall Peace, the herald, go,

And Righteousness, in fountains,

From hill to valley flow.

To Him shall prayer unceasing,

And daily vows, ascend;

His kingdom still increasing,

A kingdom without end.

The tide of time shall never

His covenant remove;

His name shall stand forever;

His great, best name of Love.

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