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L. M.


Seeking Rest.

O Thou, in whom the weary find

Alone their permanent repose;

Send light into my doubting mind,

Relieve my fears, assuage my woes;

O let my soul on Thee be cast,

Till sin’s fierce tyranny be past.

Far, far from Thee, O God, removed,

Long have I wandered to and fro;

O’er earth in endless circles roved,

Nor found whereon to rest below;

Back unto Thee, at last, I fly:

Save! for the waters still are high.

Selfish pursuits and pleasure’s maze,

The things of earth, for Thee I leave;

Pat forth Thy hand, Thy hand of grace,

Into the ark of love receive;

Take this poor fluttering soul to rest,

And still it, Father, on Thy breast.

Fill with inviolable peace;

’Stablish in faith my restless heart;

In Thee let all my wanderings cease,

From Thee may I no more depart;

Never again from Thee remove,

Loved with an everlasting love!

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