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12 & 11s. M.


Life in Death.

Thanks, thanks unto God! who in mercy hath spoken

The truths which have pierced through the spirit’s sad gloom;

Whose love with the light of its presence hath broken

The darkness which hung o’er the desolate tomb.

What now shall affright us? A Father almighty

Keeps watch round our footsteps wherever we go;

His mercy is sleepless,—His wisdom unfailing,—

He knoweth each want and regardeth each woe.

Where now is death’s terror? he comes as an angel

To carry the spirit away to its rest;

The gloom which he weareth is lost in the message

He brings from the Being who loveth us best.

May we live ever true to the hopes He hath given,

While they shed o’er our path a still holier light;

Ever making us nearer and nearer to heaven,

More pure our affections, our spirits more bright.

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