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10s. M.


Death in Manhood.

Go to the grave in all thy glorious prime,

In full activity of zeal and power:

A Christian cannot die before his time;

The Lord’s appointment is the servant’s hour.

Go to the grave; at noon from labor cease;

Rest on thy sheaves, thy harvest work is done;

Come from the heat of battle, and in peace,

Soldier, go home; with thee the field is won.

Go to the grave, for there thy Saviour lay,

In death’s embraces, ere he rose on high;

And all the ransomed, by that narrow way,

Pass to eternal life beyond the sky.

Go to the grave,—no, to thy home above;

Be thy pure spirit present with the Lord,

Where thou for faith and hope hast perfect love,

And open vision for the written word.

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