Table of Contents

Title Pages.


General Introduction.

Bibliographical Introduction.

Appended Note on the Eastern Editions of Synodical Literature.

Excursus on the History of the Roman Law and Its Relation to the Canon Law.

The First Ecumenical Council:  The First Council of Nice.

The Canons of the Councils of Ancyra, Gangra, Neocæsarea, Antioch and Laodicea, which Canons were Accepted and Received by the Ecumenical Synods.

Title Page.

Introductory Note to the Canons of the Provincial Synods which in this Volume are Interjected Between the First and the Second Ecumenical Councils.

The Council of Ancyra.

The Council of Neocæsarea.

The Council of Grangra.

The Synod of Antioch in Encæniis.

Synod of Laodicea.

The Second Ecumenical Council:  The First Council of Constantinople.

The Third Ecumenical Council:  The Council of Ephesus.

Title Page.

Historical Introduction.

Note on the Emperor's Edict to the Synod.

Extracts from the Acts.  Session I.

The Epistle of Cyril to Nestorius.

Extracts from the Acts.  Session I. (Continued).

Historical Introduction to St. Cyril's Anathematisms.

The Epistle of Cyril to Nestorius with the XII. Anathematisms.

The XII. Anathematisms of St. Cyril Against Nestorius.

Extracts from the Acts.  Session I.  (Continued).

Decree of the Council Against Nestorius.

Extracts from the Acts.  Session II.

The Letter of Pope Cœlestine to the Synod of Ephesus.

Extracts from the Acts.  Session II. (Continued.)

Extracts from the Acts.  Session III.

The Canons of the Two Hundred Holy and Blessed Fathers Who Met at Ephesus.

The Fourth Ecumenical Council.  The Council of Chalcedon.

The Fifth Ecumenical Council.  The Second Council of Constantinople.

The Sixth Ecumenical Council.  The Third Council of Constantinople.

The Canons of the Council in Trullo; Often Called The Quinisext Council.

The Canons of the Synods of Sardica, Carthage, Constantinople, and Carthage Under St. Cyprian, Which Canons Were Received by the Council in Trullo and Ratified by II. Nice.

Title Page.

Introductory Note.

The Council of Sardica.

The Canons of the CCXVII Blessed Fathers who assembled at Carthage.  Commonly Called The Code of Canons of the African Church.

Title Page.

Introductory Note.

An Ancient Introduction.

The Canons of the 217 Blessed Fathers who assembled at Carthage.


Canon I.

Canon II.

Canon III.

Canon IV.

Canon V.

Canon VI.

Canon VII.

Canon VIII.

Canon IX.

Canon X.

Canon XI.

Canon XII.

Canon XIII.

Canon XIV.

Canon XV.

Canon XVI.

Canon XVII.

Canon XVIII.

Canon XIX.

Canon XX.

Canon XXI.

Canon XXII.

Canon XXIII.

Canon XXIV.

Canon XXV.

Canon XXVI.

Canon XXVII.


Canon XXIX.

Canon XXX.

Canon XXXI.

Canon XXXII.


Canon XXXIV.

Canon XXXV.

Canon XXXVI.



Canon XXXIX.

Canon XL.

Canon XLI.

Canon XLII.

Canon XLIII.

Canon XLIV.

Canon XLV.

Canon XLVI.

Canon XLVII.


Canon XLIX.

Canon L.

Canon LI.

Canon LII.

Canon LIII.

Canon LIV.

Canon LV.

Canon LVI.

Canon LVII.

Canon LVIII.

Canon LIX.

Canon LX.

Canon LXI.

Canon LXII.

Canon LXIII.

Canon LXIV.

Canon LXV.

Canon LXVI.

Canon LXVII.


Canon LXIX.

Canon LXX.

Canon LXXI.

Canon LXXII.


Canon LXXIV.

Canon LXXV.

Canon LXXVI.



Canon LXXIX.

Canon LXXX.

Canon LXXXI.




Canon LXXXV.





Canon XC.

Canon XCI.

Canon XCII.

Canon XCIII.

Canon XCIV.

Canon XCV.

Canon XCVI.

Canon XCVII.


Canon XCIX.

Canon C.

Canon CI.

Canon CII.

Canon CIII.

Canon CIV.

Canon CV.

Canon CVI.

Canon CVII.

Canon CVIII.

Canon CIX.

Canon CX.

Canon CXI.

Canon CXII.

Canon CXIII.

Canon CXIV.

Canon CXV.

Canon CXVI.

Canon CXVII.


Canon CXIX.

Canon CXX.

Canon CXXI.

Canon CXXII.


Canon CXXIV.

Canon CXXV.

Canon CXXVI.



Canon CXXIX.

Canon CXXX.

Canon CXXXI.




Canon CXXXV.




Council of Constantinople held under Nectarius.

The Council of Carthage held under Cyprian.

The Seventh Ecumenical Council.  The Second Council of Nice.

Title Page.


The Divine Sacra Sent by the Emperors Constantine and Irene to the Most Holy and Most Blessed Hadrian, Pope of Old Rome.

The Imperial Sacra.

Extracts from the Acts.  Session I.

Extracts from the Acts.  Session II.

Extracts from the Acts.  Session III.

Extracts from the Acts.  Session IV.

Extracts from the Acts.  Session VI.

Epitome of the Definition of the Iconoclastic Conciliabulum held in Constantinople, A.D. 754.

Excursus on the Conciliabulum Styling Itself the Seventh Ecumenical Council, But Commonly Called the Mock Synod of Constantinople.

The Decree of the Holy, Great, Ecumenical Synod, the Second of Nice.

Excursus on the Present Teaching of the Latin and Greek Churches on the Subject.

The Canons of the Holy and Ecumenical Seventh Council.

The Letter of the Synod to the Emperor and Empress.

Excursus on the Two Letters of Gregory II. To the Emperor Leo.

Excursus on the Reception of the Seventh Council.

Examination of the Caroline Books.

Excursus on the Council of Frankfort, A.D. 794.

Excursus on the Convention said to have been held in Paris, A.D. 825.

Historical Note on the So-Called “Eighth General Council” and Subsequent Councils.

Appendix containing Canons and Rulings not having Conciliar Origin but Approved by Name in Canon II. of the Synod in Trullo.

Title Page.

Prefatory Note.

The Apostolical Canons.  Introduction.

The Canons of the Holy and Altogether August Apostles.

The Letter of the Blessed Dionysius, the Archbishop of Alexandria to Basilides the Bishop who made Enquiries on Various Subjects, to which Dionysius made Answer in this Epistle, which Answers have been received as Canons.

The Canons of the Blessed Peter, Archbishop of Alexandria, and Martyr, which are found in his Sermon on Penitence.

The Canonical Epistle of St. Gregory, Archbishop of Neocæsarea, who is called Thaumaturgus, concerning Them that, During the Incursion of the Barbarians, Ate of Things Offered to Idols and Committed Certain Other Sins.

The Epistle of St. Athanasius to the Monk Ammus.

The Epistle of the Same Athanasius Taken from the XXXIX. Festal Epistle.

The Epistle of St. Athanasius to Ruffinian.

The First Canonical Epistle of Our Holy Father Basil, Archbishop of Cæsarea in Cappadocia to Amphilochius, Bishop of Iconium.

The Second Canonical Epistle of the Same.

The Third Epistle of the Same to the Same.

From an Epistle of the Same to the Blessed Amphilochius on the Difference of Meats.

Of the Same to Diodorus Bishop of Tarsus, concerning a Man who had taken Two Sisters to Wife.

Of the Same to Gregory a Presbyter, that He Should Separate from a Woman who Dwelt with Him.

Of the Same to the Chorepiscopi, that No Ordinations Should Be Made Contrary to the Canons.

Of the Same to His Suffragans that They Should Not Ordain for Money.

From Chapter XVII. of the Book St. Basil Wrote to Blessed Amphilochius on the Holy Ghost.

From the Letter of Basil the Great to the Nicopolitans.

The Canonical Epistle of St. Gregory, Bishop of Nyssa, to St. Letoïus, Bishop of Melitene.

From the Metre Poems of St. Gregory Theologus, Specifying which Books of the Old and New Testament Should Be Read.

From the Iambics of St. Amphilochius the Bishop to Seleucus, on the Same Subject.

The Canonical Answers of Timothy the Most Holy Bishop of Alexandria, Who was One of the CL Fathers Gathered Together at Constantinople, to the Questions Proposed to Him concerning Bishops and Clerics.

The Prosphonesus of Theophilus, Archbishop of Alexandria, When the Holy Epiphanies Happened to Fall on a Sunday.

The Commonitory of the Same which Ammon Received on Account of Lycus.

Of the Same to Agatho the Bishop.

Of the Same to Menas the Bishop.

The Narrative of the Same concerning Those Called Cathari.

The Canonical Epistle of Our Holy Father Among the Saints, Cyril, Archbishop of Alexandria, on the Hymns.

Of the Same to the Bishops of Libya and Pentapolis.

The Encyclical Letter of Gennadius, Patriarch of Constantinople and of the Holy Synod Met with Him to All the Holy Metropolitans and to the Pope of the City of Rome.


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