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476Canon LXVII.  (Greek lxx.)

Of the letters to be sent to the judges, that they may take note of the things done between the Donatists and the Maximianists.

Therefore it seemed good that letters should be given from our council to the African judges, from whom it would seem suitable that this should be sought, that in this matter they would aid the common mother, the Catholic Church, that the episcopal authority may be fortified462462    In the Greek, “since the episcopal authority is spurned.” in the cities; that is to say that by their judicial power and with diligence out of their Christian faith, they enquire and record in the public acts, that all may have a firm notion of it, what has taken place in all those places in which the Maximianists, who made a schism from them, have obtained basilicas.


Ancient Epitome of Canon LXVII.

The secular arm must be implored by synodal letters to assist our common Mother the Catholic Church against those by whom the authority of the bishop is despised.

This canon is the other half of Canon j. of the Synod of Carthage, September 13, a.d. 401.


Maximianists were a sect bred out of the Donatists, and separating from them.

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