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Canon LXXX.  (Greek lxxxiii.)

That it is not permitted to make superiors of monasteries nor to ordain as clerics those who are received from a monastery not one’s own.

Item, it seemed good that if any bishop wished to advance to the clericature a monk received from a monastery not under his jurisdiction, or shall have appointed him superior of a monastery of his own, the bishop who shall have thus acted shall be separated from the communion of others and shall rest content with the communion of his own people alone, but the monk shall continue neither as cleric nor superior.


Ancient Epitome of Canon LXXX.

Whoever shall receive a monk from a monastery not subject to his jurisdiction, and if he shall ordain him to the clerical estate or shall appoint him prior of his monastery, such an one shall be cut off from communion.

This is Canon xiv. of Carthage, September, a.d. 401.


See Canons 76 (79) and 122 (123).

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