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Canon XIX.


Bishop Hosius said:  This is the sentence of my mediocrity [i.e., unworthiness]—that, since we ought to be gentle and patient and to be constant in compassion towards all, those who were once advanced to clerical office in the Church by certain of our 432brethren, if they are not willing to return to the churches to which they were nominated [or, espoused], should for the future not be received, and that neither Eutychianus should continue to vindicate to himself the name of bishop, nor yet that Musæus be accounted a bishop; but that if they should seek for lay communion, it should not be denied them.

All said:  Such is our pleasure.

(This canon is wanting in the Latin.)


Ancient Epitome of Canons XVIII. and XIX.

A clergyman who does not live in the Church among whose clergy he is enrolled should not be received.  Eutychian and Musæus shall not have the name of bishops.  But let them be admitted to communion with the laity, if they wish.

Both of these canons are lacking in the Latin.


It is clear that the reason why these two canons do not exist in the Latin text is that they did not apply to the Latin Church and only contained a special rule for Thessalonica.

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