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509Canon CXXXVII.  (Continuation of the last in the Greek.)

Here begin the examples of the Nicene Council, sent on the sixth day before the calends of December in the year 419,494494    No year in the Greek nor in Migne’s Latin.after the consulate of the most glorious emperor Honorius for the XIIth time, and Theodosius for the IXth time,495495    Bruns notes with Justellus and Hardouin and the Codd. Hisp. this should read viii. for ix. Augustuses, to Boniface the bishop of the City of Rome.

We believe in one God etc.…the Catholic and Apostolic Church anathematizes them.496496    In the Greek the creed is not given here in full, but as follows:  “We believe in one God the Father; and then the holy creed as written in the first synod.”

To this symbol of the faith there were also annexed copies of the statutes of the same Nicene Councils from the aforenamed pontiffs, in all respects as are contained above; which we do not think it necessary to write out here again.


Ancient Epitome of Canon CXXXVII.

The Canons of the Synod of Nice are sent, as they were decreed by the Fathers, in accordance with your letters.

[Here follows the Nicene Creed in full.]

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