Table of Contents

Title Page.

Prefatory Material.

The Life of Blessed Henry Suso.

Chapter I. Introductory.

Chapter II. Of the preliminary combats of a beginner.

Chapter III. Of a supernatural rapture which befell him.

Chapter IV. How he spiritually espoused the Eternal Wisdom.

Chapter V. How he inscribed upon his heart the gracious Name of Jesus.

Chapter VI. Of the foretaste of divine consolations, with which God sometimes allures beginners.

Chapter VII. How one, who had begun well, was drawn onward in his search after divine consolation.

Chapter VIII. Of certain visions.

Chapter IX. Of the way in which he went to table.

Chapter X. How he began the New Year.

Chapter XI. Of the words “Sursum corda”

Chapter XII. How he kept the feast of Candlemas.

Chapter XIII. How he spent the Carnival time.

Chapter XIV. How he began the month of May.

Chapter XV. Of the sorrowful way of the Cross, which he made with Christ when He was being led forth to death.

Chapter XVI. Of the useful virtue called silence.

Chapter XVII. Of the chastisement of his body.

Chapter XVIII. Of the sharp cross which he bore upon his back.

Chapter XIX. Of his bed.

Chapter XX. How he broke himself from drink.

Chapter XXI. How he was directed to the rational school, in which the art of true detachment is taught.

Chapter XXII. How painful it is to die interiorly.

Chapter XXIII. Of interior sufferings.

Chapter XXIV. How he went forth to succour and to save his neighbour

Chapter XXV. Concerning manifold sufferings.

Chapter XXVI. Of the great suffering which befell him through his sister.

Chapter XXVII. Of a grievous suffering which befell him through a companion.

Chapter XXVIII. Of a murderer.

Chapter XXIX. Of perils by water.

Chapter XXX. Of a short interval of rest which God once granted him.

Chapter XXXI. How he once entered into a loving account with God.

Chapter XXXII. How his sufferings once brought him nigh to death.

Chapter XXXIII. How a man should offer up his sufferings to the praise and glory of God.

Chapter XXXIV. Of the joys with which God recompenses in this present life those who suffer for Him.

Chapter XXXV. Of the Servitor’s spiritual daughter.

Chapter XXXVI. Of the first beginnings of a beginner.

Chapter XXXVII. Of the first lessons and examples which are suitable for a beginner, and how he should regulate his exercises with discretion.

Chapter XXXVIII. Of certain devout practices of a young beginner in his early years.

Chapter XXXIX. How he drew light-minded persons to God, and comforted those who were in suffering.

Chapter XL. Of a grievous suffering which befell him while thus occupied.

Chapter XLI. Of interior sufferings.

Chapter XLII. What sufferings are the most useful to men, and bring most glory to God?

Chapter XLIII. How he drew certain hearts from earthly love to the love of God.

Chapter XLIV. How God multiplied drink for His friends.

Chapter XLV. Of certain sufferers, who were attached to the Servitor by special ties of friendship and affection.

Chapter XLVI. How Christ appeared to him under the form of a Seraph, and taught him how to suffer.

Chapter XLVII. How steadfastly he must fight who would win the spiritual prize.

Chapter XLVIII. How the Servitor’s face was once seen to shine with light while he was preaching.

Chapter XLIX. Of the lovely Name of Jesus.

Chapter L. A good distinction between a true and false use of reason noticeable in certain persons.

Chapter LI. How to distinguish between a well-ordered reason and one which is all flowers and glitter.

Chapter LII. A good distinction between true and false detachment.

Chapter LIV. Of the high questions which the well-exercised daughter put to her spiritual father.

Chapter LV. An explanation where and how God is.

Chapter LVI. Of the very highest flight of a soul experienced in the ways of God.

Chapter LVII. The conclusion of the contents of this book in a few simple words.


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