Table of Contents

Title Pages.

Introductory Notice.

The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs.

Excerpts of Theodotus.

Two Epistles Concerning Virginity.

Title Page.

Introductory Notice.

The First Epistle of the Blessed Clement, the Disciple of Peter the Apostle.

The Second Epistle of the Same Clement.

Pseudo-Clementine Literature.

Title Page.

Introductory Notice.

The Recognitions of Clement.

Introductory Notice.


Book I.

Clement's Early History; Doubts.

His Distress.

His Dissatisfaction with the Schools of the Philosophers.

His Increasing Disquiet.

His Design to Test the Immortality of the Soul.

Hears of Christ.

Arrival of Barnabas at Rome.

His Preaching.

Clement's Interposition on Behalf of Barnabas.

Intercourse with Barnabas.

Departure of Barnabas.

Clement's Arrival at Cæsarea, and Introduction to Peter.

His Cordial Reception by Peter.

His Account of Himself.

Peter's First Instruction:  Causes of Ignorance.

Instruction Continued:  the True Prophet.

Peter Requests Him to Be His Attendant.

His Profiting by Peter's Instruction.

Peter's Satisfaction.

Postponement of Discussion with Simon Magus.

Advantage of the Delay.

Repetition of Instructions.

Repetition Continued.

Repetition Continued.

Repetition Continued.

Friendship of God; How Secured.

Account of the Creation.

Account of the Creation Continued.

The Giants:  the Flood.

Noah's Sons.

World After the Flood.


Abraham:  His Posterity.

The Israelites in Egypt.

The Exodus.

Allowance of Sacrifice for a Time.

The Holy Place.

Sins of the Israelites.

Baptism Instituted in Place of Sacrifices.

Advent of the True Prophet.

Rejection of the True Prophet.

Call of the Gentiles.

Success of the Gospel.

Challenge by Caiaphas.

The True Prophet:  Why Called the Christ.


Adam Anointed a Prophet.

The True Prophet, a Priest.

Two Comings of Christ.

His Rejection by the Jews.

The Only Saviour.

The Saints Before Christ's Coming.

Animosity of the Jews.

Jewish Sects.

Public Discussion.

Sadducees Refuted.

Samaritan Refuted.

Scribes Refuted.

Pharisees Refuted.

Disciples of John Refuted.

Caiaphas Answered.

Foolishness of Preaching.

Appeal to the Jews.

Temple to Be Destroyed.

Tumult Stilled by Gamaliel.

Discussion Resumed.

Speech of Gamaliel.

The Rule of Faith.

Two Comings of Christ.

Tumult Raised by Saul.

Flight to Jericho.

Peter Sent to Cæsarea.

Welcomed by Zacchæus.

Simon Magus Challenges Peter.

Book II.

Power of Habit.

Curtailment of Sleep.

Need of Caution.

Prudence in Dealing with Opponents.

Simon Magus, a Formidable Antagonist.

Simon Magus:  His Wickedness.

Simon Magus:  His History.

Simon Magus:  His History.

Simon Magus:  His Profession.

Simon Magus:  His Deception.

Simon Magus, at the Head of the Sect of Dositheus.

Simon Magus and Luna.

Simon Magus:  Secret of His Magic.

Simon Magus, Professes to Be God.

Simon Magus, Professed to Have Made a Boy of Air.

Simon Magus:  Hopelessness of His Case.

Men Enemies to God.

Responsibility of Men.

Disputation Begun.

The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.

Righteousness the Way to the Kingdom.

Righteousness; What It is.

Simon Refuses Peace.

Peter's Explanation.

Principles on Which the Discussion Should Be Conducted.

Simon's Interruption.

Questions and Answers.

Consistency of Christ's Teaching.

Peace and Strife.

Peace to the Sons of Peace.

Peace and War.

Simon's Challenge.


Order of Proof.

How Error Cannot Stand with Truth.


Simon's Subtlety.

Simon's Creed.

Argument for Polytheism.

Peter's Answer.

The Answer, Continued.

Guardian Angels.

No God But Jehovah.

The Serpent, the Author of Polytheism.

Polytheism Inexcusable.

Christ Acknowledged the God of the Jews.

Simon's Cavil.

Peter's Answer.

The Supreme Light.

Simon's Presumption.

The Sixth Sense.

Reductio Ad Absurdum.

Simon's Blasphemy.

How Simon Learned from the Law What the Law Does Not Teach.

Simon's Objections Turned Against Himself.

No God Above the Creator.

Simon's Inconsistency.

Simon's God Unjust.

The Creator Our Father.

The Creator the Supreme God.


Peter's Experience of Imagination.

Peter's Reverie.

Andrew's Rebuke.

Fallacy of Imagination.

Existence and Conception.

The Law Teaches of Immensity.

The Visible and the Invisible Heaven.

Faith and Reason.


Separation from the Unclean.

The Remedy.

Book III.

Pearls Before Swine.

Second Day's Discussion.

Simon a Seducer.

Simon Claims the Fulfilment of Peter's Promise.

Simon's Arrogance.

Existence of Evil.

Not Admitted by All.

Manner of Conducting the Discussion.

Desire of Instruction.

Common Principles.

Freedom of the Will.


Origin of Evil.

God the Author of Good, Not of Evil.

“Who Hath Resisted His Will?”

No Goodness Without Liberty.

The Visible Heaven:  Why Made.

Why to Be Dissolved.

Corruptible and Temporary Things Made by the Incorruptible and Eternal.

How the Pure in Heart See God.

Diligence in Study.

Peter's Private Instruction.

Learners and Cavillers.

Against Order is Against Reason.

Learning Before Teaching.

Self-Evidence of the Truth.

God Righteous as Well as Good.

God's Justice Shown at the Day of Judgment.

Immortality of the Soul.

Proved by the Success of the Wicked in This Life.

Cavils of Simon.

“Full of All Subtlety and All Mischief.”

Simon's Subterfuges.

Sight or Hearing?

A Home-Thrust.

Simon's Rage.

Simon's Vaunt.

Attempts to Create a Disturbance.

Simon's Retreat.

Peter's Benediction.

Peter's Accessibility.

False Signs and Miracles.

Self-Love the Foundation of Goodness.

God to Be Supremely Loved.

Ten Commandments Corresponding to the Plagues of Egypt.

Simon Resisted Peter, as the Magicians Moses.

Miracles of the Magicians.

Truth Veiled with Love.

Good and Evil in Pairs.

Uselessness of Pretended Miracles.

Ten Pairs.

The Christian Life.

A Deserter from Simon's Camp.

Declaration of Simon's Wickedness.

Peter Resolves to Follow Simon.

Zacchæus Made Bishop of Cæsarea; Presbyters and Deacons Ordained.

Invitation to Baptism.

Twelve Sent Before Him.

Arrangements Approved by All the Brethren.

Departure of the Twelve.

Peter Prepares the Cæsareans for His Departure.

More Than Ten Thousand Baptized.

Tidings of Simon.

Farewell to Cæsarea.

Contents of Clement's Despatches to James.

Book IV.

Book V.

Book VI.

Book VII.

Book VIII.

The Old Workman.


A Friendly Conference.

The Question Stated.

Freedom of Discussion Allowed.

The Other Side of the Question Stated.

The Way Cleared.


Simple and Compound.

Creation Implies Providence.

General or Special Providence.

Prayer Inconsistent with Genesis.

A Creator Necessary.

Mode of Creation.

Theories of Creation.

The World Made of Nothing by a Creator.

Doctrine of Atoms Untenable.

The Concourse of Atoms Could Not Make the World.

More Difficulties of the Atomic Theory.

Plato's Testimony.

Mechanical Theory.

Motions of the Stars.

Providence in Earthly Things.

Rivers and Seas.

Plants and Animals.

Germination of Seeds.

Power of Water.

The Human Body.

Symmetry of the Body.

Breath and Blood.

The Intestines.


Correspondences in Creation.

Time of Making the World.

A Contest of Hospitality.

Arrangements for To-Morrow.

“The Form of Sound Words, Which Ye Have Heard of Me.”

The Chief Man's House.

Recapitulation of Yesterday's Argument.


The Rainbow.

Types and Forms.

Things Apparently Useless and Vile Made by God.

Ordinate and Inordinate.

Motions of the Sun and Moon.

Sun and Moon Ministers Both of Good and Evil.

Chastisements on the Righteous and the Wicked.

Chastisements for Sins.

God's Precepts Despised.

The Flood.

Evils Brought in by Sin.

“No Rose Without Its Thorn.”

Everything Has Its Corresponding Contrary.

An Illustration.

The Two Kingdoms.

Origin of Evil.

The Old Man Unconvinced.

Sitting in Judgment Upon God.

The True Prophet.

His Deliverances Not to Be Questioned.

Ignorance of the Philosophers.

End of the Conference.

Book IX.

Book X.


A Difficulty.

A Suggestion.

Free Inquiry.

Good and Evil.

Peter's Authority.

Clement's Argument.

Admitted Evils.

Existence of Evil on Astrological Principles.

How to Make Progress.

Test of Astrology.

Astrology Baffled by Free-Will.

People Admitted.

No Man Has Universal Knowledge.

Clement's Disclosure.

“Would that All God's People Were Prophets.”

Gentile Cosmogony.

Family of Saturn.

Their Destinies.

Doings of Jupiter.

A Black Catalogue.

Vile Transformation of Jupiter.

Why a God?

Folly of Polytheism.

Dead Men Deified.


Inconsistency of Polytheists.

Buttresses of Gentilism.


Cosmogony of Orpheus.

Hesiod's Cosmogony.

Allegorical Interpretation.

Allegory of Jupiter, Etc.

Other Allegories.

Uselessness of These Allegories.

The Allegories an Afterthought.

Like Gods, Like Worshippers.

Writings of the Poets.

All for the Best.

Further Information Sought.

Explanation of Mythology.

Interpretation of Scripture.

A Word of Exhortation.


All Ought to Repent.

The Sure Word of Prophecy.

“A Faithful Saying, and Worthy of All Acceptation.”

Errors of the Philosophers.

God's Long-Suffering.

Philosophers Not Benefactors of Men.

Christ the True Prophet.

Appion and Anubion.

A Transformation.

Excitement in Antioch.

A Stratagem.

Simon's Design in the Transformation.

Great Grief.

How It All Happened.

A Scene of Mourning.

A Counterplot.

A Mine Dug.

A Case of Conscience.

A Pious Fraud.

A Competition in Lying.

Success of the Plot.

Truth Told by Lying Lips.

Faustinianus is Himself Again.

Peter's Entry into Antioch.

Peter's Thanksgiving.



Happy Ending.

The Clementine Homilies.

Introductory Notice.

Epistle of Peter to James.

Epistle of Clement to James.

Homily I.

Homily II.

Homily III.

The Morning of the Discussion.

Simon's Design.

His Object.

Snares Laid for the Gentiles.

Use of Errors.

Purgatory and Hell.

What is Impiety?

Wiles of the Devil.

Uncertainty of the Scriptures.

Simon's Intention.

Distinction Between Prediction and Prophecy.

The Same.

Prophetic Knowledge Constant.

Prophetic Spirit Constant.

Christ's Prophecies.

Doctrine of Conjunction.

Whether Adam Had the Spirit.

Adam Not Ignorant.

Reign of Christ.

Christ the Only Prophet Has Appeared in Different Ages.

The Eating of the Forbidden Fruit Denied.

Male and Female.

Two Kinds of Prophecy.

The Prophetess a Misleader.

Cain's Name and Nature.

Abel's Name and Nature.

The Prophet and the Prophetess.

Spiritual Adultery.

The Signal Given.

Apostolic Salutation.

Faith in God.


Works of Creation.

Extent of Creation.

“These are a Part of His Ways.”

Dominion Over the Creatures.

“Whom to Know is Life Eternal.”

Simon's Challenge.

Defects Ascribed to God.

Peter's Answer.

“Status Quæstionis.”

Was Adam Blind?

God's Foreknowledge.

God's Decrees.


Disparagements of God.

Foreknowledge of Moses.

Test of Truth.

The True Prophet.

His Teaching Concerning the Scriptures.

His Teaching Concerning the Law.

Other Sayings of Christ.

Other Sayings of Christ.

Other Sayings.

Teaching of Christ.

Teaching of Christ.

Teaching of Christ.

Flight of Simon.

Peter's Resolution to Follow.

Successor to Be Appointed.


Obedience Leads to Peace.

Zacchæus Appointed.

The Bishopric.

Nolo Episcopari.

Danger of Disobedience.

Duties of Church Office-Bearers.

“Marriage Always Honourable.”

“Not Forsaking the Assembling of Yourselves Together.”

“Hear the Bishop.”

Various Duties of Christians.



Homily IV.

Homily V.

Homily VI.

Homily VII.

Homily VIII.

Homily IX.

Homily X.

Homily XI.

Homily XII.

Homily XIII.

Homily XIV.

Homily XV.

Homily XVI.

Homily XVII.

Homily XVIII.

Homily XIX.

Homily XX.

Apocrypha of the New Testament.

Title Page.

Introductory Notice.

Translator's Introductory Notice.

The Protevangelium of James.

The Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew.

The Gospel of the Nativity of Mary.

The History of Joseph the Carpenter.

The Gospel of Thomas:  First Greek Form.

The Gospel of Thomas:  Second Greek Form.

The Gospel of Thomas:  Latin Form.

The Arabic Gospel of the Infancy of the Saviour.

The Gospel of Nicodemus; Part I.--The Acts of Pilate:  First Greek Form.

The Gospel of Nicodemus; Part I.--The Acts of Pilate:  Second Greek Form.

The Gospel of Nicodemus; Part II.--The Descent of Christ into Hell:  Greek Form.

The Gospel of Nicodemus; Part I.--The Acts of Pilate:  Latin Form.

The Gospel of Nicodemus; Part II.--Christ's Descent into Hell:  Latin. First Version.

The Gospel of Nicodemus; Part II.--Christ's Descent into Hell:  Latin. Second Version.

The Letter of Pontius Pilate, Which He Wrote to the Roman Emperor, Concerning Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Report of Pilate the Procurator Concerning Our Lord Jesus Christ:  First Greek Form.

The Report of Pilate the Procurator Concerning Our Lord Jesus Christ:  Second Greek Form.

The Giving Up of Pontius Pilate.

The Death of Pilate, Who Condemned Jesus.

The Narrative of Joseph.

The Avenging of the Saviour.

Acts of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.

Acts of Paul and Thecla.

The Acts of Barnabus.

The Acts of Philip.

Acts and Martyrdom of the Holy Apostle Andrew.

Acts of Andrew and Matthias.

Acts of Peter and Andrew.

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle.

Acts of the Holy Apostle Thomas.

Consummation of Thomas the Apostle.

Martyrdom of the Holy and Glorious Apostle Bartholomew.

Acts of the Holy Apostle Thaddæus.

Acts of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian.

Revelation of Moses.

Revelation of Esdras.

Revelation of Paul.

Revelation of John.

The Book of John Concerning the Falling Asleep of Mary.

The Passing of Mary:  First Latin Form.

The Passing of Mary:  Second Latin Form.

The Decretals.

Title Page.

Introductory Notice.

The Epistles of Zephyrinus.

The Epistles of Pope Callistus.

The Epistle of Pope Urban First.

The Epistles of Pope Pontianus.

The Epistle of Pope Anterus.

The Epistles of Pope Fabian.

Decrees of Fabian.


Memoirs of Edessa And Other Ancient Syriac Documents.

Title Page.

Introductory Notice.

The Story Concerning the King of Edessa.

A Canticle of Mar Jacob the Teacher on Edessa.

Extracts from Various Books Concerning Abgar the King and Addæus the Apostle.

The Teaching of Addæus the Apostle.

The Teaching of the Apostles.

The Teaching of Simon Cephas in the City of Rome.

Acts of Sharbil, Who Was a Priest of Idols, and Was Converted to the Confession of Christianity in Christ.


Martyrdom of Habib the Deacon.

Martyrdom of the Holy Confessors Shamuna, Guria, and Habib, from Simeon Metaphrastes.

Moses of Chorene:  History of Armenia.

Homilies, Composed by Mar Jacob.

Introduction to Ancient Syriac Documents.

Bardesan. The Book of the Laws of Divers Countries.

A Letter of Mara, Son of Serapion.



Remains of the Second and Third Centuries.


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