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Two Scholia on Genesis XXII. 13.36283628    In the edition of the LXX. published by Card. Caraffe, 1581.

The Syriac and the Hebrew use the word “suspended,”36293629    κρεμάμενος.  The Hebrew is נאחז, the Syriac ***, both meaning simply “caught.” as more clearly typifying the cross.

The word Sabek36303630    See note on the fragment just before. some have rendered remission,36313631    ἀφεσις. others upright,36323632    ὄρθιος. as if the meaning, agreeing with the popular belief, were—a goat walking erect up to a bush, and there standing erect caught by his horns, so as to be a plain type of the cross.  For this reason it is not translated, because the single Hebrew word signifies in other languages36333633    Lit. “when translated.” many things.  To those, however, who ask it is proper to give an answer, and to say that Sabek denotes lifted up.36343634    ἐπηρμένος.

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