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Homily XVIII.

Chapter I.—Simon Maintains that the Framer of the World is Not the Highest God.

At break of day, when Peter went forth to discourse, Simon anticipated him, and said:  “When I went away yesterday, I promised to you to return to-day, and in a discussion show that he who framed the world is not the highest God, but that the highest God is another who alone is good, and who has remained unknown up to this time.  At once, then, state to me whether you maintain that the framer of the world is the same as the lawgiver or not?  If, then, he is the lawgiver, he is just; but if he is just, he is not good.  But if he is not good, then it was another that Jesus proclaimed, when he said,13691369    Matt. xix. 17. ‘Do not call me good; for one is good, the Father who is in the heavens.’  Now a lawgiver cannot be both just and good, for these qualities do not harmonize.”13701370    [Comp. xvii. 5, and Recognitions, iii. 37, 38.—R.]  And Peter said:  “First tell us what are the actions which in your opinion constitute a person good, and what are those which constitute him just, in order that thus we may address our words to the same mark.”  And Simon said:  “Do you state first what in your opinion is goodness, and what justice.”

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