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Chapter 12.

And the Jews, hearing that Joseph had begged the body of Jesus, sought him and the twelve who said that Jesus was not born of fornication, and Nicodemus, and many others who had stepped up before Pilate and declared His good works.  And of all these that were hid, Nicodemus alone was seen by them, because he was a ruler of the Jews.  And Nicodemus says to them:  How have you come into the synagogue?  The Jews say to him:  How hast thou come into the synagogue? for thou art a confederate of his, and his portion is with thee in the world to come.  Nicodemus says:  Amen, amen.  And likewise Joseph also stepped out and said to them:  Why are you angry against me because I begged the body of Jesus?  Behold, I have put him in my new tomb, wrapping him in clean linen; and I have rolled a stone to the door of the tomb.  And you have acted not well against the just man, because you have not repented of crucifying him, but also have pierced him with a spear.  And the Jews seized Joseph, and ordered him to be secured until the first day of the week, and said to him:  Know that the time does not allow us to do anything against thee, because the Sabbath is dawning; and know that thou shalt not be deemed worthy of burial, but we shall give thy flesh to the birds of the air.  Joseph says to them:  These are the words of the arrogant Goliath, who reproached the living God and holy David.18391839    1 Sam. xvii. 44.  For God has said by the prophet, Vengeance is mine, and I will repay, saith the Lord.18401840    Deut. xxxii. 35; Rom. xii. 19; Heb. x. 30.  And now he that is uncircumcised in flesh, but circumcised in heart, has taken water, and washed his hands in the face of the sun, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just man; see ye to it.  And you answered and said to Pilate, His blood be upon us, and upon our children.  And now I am afraid lest the wrath of God come upon you, and upon your children, as you have said.  And the Jews, hearing these words, were embittered in their souls, and seized Joseph, and locked him into a room where there was no window; and guards were stationed at the door, and they sealed the door where Joseph was locked in.

And on the Sabbath, the rulers of the synagogue,18411841    [This is an evident blunder, one of many pointing to a late origin.—R.] and the priests and the Levites, made a decree that all should be found in the synagogue on the first day of the week.  And rising up early, all the multitude in the synagogue consulted by what death they should slay him.  And when the Sanhedrin was sitting, they ordered him to be brought with much indignity.  And having opened the door, they found him not.  And all the people were surprised, and struck with dismay, because they found the seals unbroken, and because Caiaphas had the key.  And they no longer dared to lay hands upon those who had spoken before Pilate in Jesus’ behalf.

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