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Hymns from the Land of Luther

Will that not joyful be

Remember me, my God! remember me!

Weep not--Jesus lives on high

Here is my heart!--my God, I give it Thee

Tremble not, though darkly gather

Darkness reigns--the hum of life's commotion

Jesus, still lead on

Depart, my child! the Lord thy spirit calls

Arise! ye lingering saints, arise!

My God with me in every place!

Oh! how blessed are ye, saints forgiven

Quietly rest the woods and dales

My God! I know that I must die--

How weary and how worthless this life at times appears!

Behold me here, in grief draw near

Never couldst thou bear to grieve us

Ah! grieve not so, nor so lament

Come, brothers, let us onward--

My Father is the mighty Lord, whose arm

My Jesus, as Thou wilt!

Yes! our Shepherd leads with gentle hand

Rejoice, all ye believers

Smiling, a bright-eyed seraph bent

How blessed, from the bonds of sin

Lord, the waves are breaking o'er me and around

I journey forth rejoicing

All things are yours! Oh! sweet message of mercy divine!

Oh! sweetest words that Jesus could have sought

Sun of comfort, art thou fled for ever?

I will love Thee, all my treasure!

What mean ye by this wailing

A gentle Angel walketh throughout world of woe

Ah! this heart is void and chill

Jesus, Sun of righteousness

Return, return!

Our beloved have departed

Jesus! what was that which drew Thee

Once a merchant travelled far and wide

Be still, my soul!--the Lord is on thy side

Weary, waiting to depart

Jesus' hour is not yet come;

We praise and bless Thee, gracious Lord

Flow, my tears, flow still faster

Meet again! yes, we shall meet again

If only He is mine--

What shall I be, my Lord, when I behold Thee

God calling yet!--and shall I never hearken

I have had my days of blessing

I rest with Thee, Lord! whither should I go?

O silent Lamb! for me Thow hast endured

Praise to Jehovah! the almighty King of Creation!

Come forth! come on, with solemn song!

Thou shalt rise! my dust, thou shalt arise!

What no human eye hath seen

Hallelujah! I believe!

Christ's path was sad and lowly

The Christian's badge of honor here

A Pilgrim and a stranger

O happy house! where Thou art loved the best

Whither, oh! whither?

A little while!--so spake our gracious Lord

This life is like a flying dream

Dark mighty Ocean, rolling to our feet!

Hallelujah! Fairest morning

Ah Christian! if the needy poor

Lord our God, in reverence lowly

Thus said the Lord: Thy days of health are over!

Hear me, my friends! the hour has come

Be Thou my Friend, and look upon my heart

As Thou wilt, my God! I ever say

Lord, remove the veil away

What God decrees, child of His love

At last all shall be well with those, His own

I know a sweet and silent spot

Beloved and honored, fare thee well!

Round this earth, and round her children

The Lord shall come in dead of night

O sweet home-echo on the pilgrim's way


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