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The Rule of the Spiritual Life

Chapter I. The Confidence in God of a Repentant Sinner.

Chapter II. On the Consideration of the Goodness and Justice of God.

Chapter III. How Easy It Is for the Faithful Soul to Blot out Sins, Especially Venial Ones.

Chapter IV. What is the Best KInd of Contrition and Satisfaction.

Chapter V. Remedies fro Pusillanimity in the Converted Sinner.

Chapter VI. The Skill and Diligence with Which We Are to Resist Temptations.

Chapter VII. We Are to Fight Against Vices by Imitation of the Humility and the Other Virtues of Christ.

Chapter VIII. The Strife of the Truly Humble Against Vain Glory and Self-Love.

Chapter IX. Adversity Is to Be Accepted as Sent to Us by the Favour of God. Our Duty in Adversity.

Chapter X. Indifference of Our Will and Conformity to the Will of God in Adversity.

Chapter XI. Perseverance in Confession of the Faith Under Trials, After the Example of Christ.

Chapter XII. On True Confidence in God, and Vain Anxiety Concerning the Future; and Against the Folly of Astrologers.

Chapter XIII. On Scrupulous Confessions and Faint-Heartedness.

Chapter XIV. On Perfect Peace and Quiet of the Soul.

Chapter XV. God Is to Be Loved Without Measure, but Men within Limits.

Chapter XVI. For What End and in What Manner the Holy Scriptures Should Be Read.

Chapter XVII. On the Necessity and Utility of Devout Prayer.

Chapter XVIII. On the Worship of the Blessed Virgin and of the Saints. On Psalmody.

Chapter XIX. Of Meditation on Our Lord’s Passion.

Chapter XX. Some Methods of Meditation on the Infancy of Christ Our Lord.

Chapter XXI. A Method of Meditation on the Passion of Our Lord, and on the Most Holy Trinity.

Chapter XXII. Pious Aspirations, or Darts of Love.

Chapter XXIII. On Discretion in Undertaking, Continuing, and Giving up Pious Exercises.

Chapter XXIV. Some Rules of Discretion with Regard to Exercises.

Chapter XXV. Further Rules of Discretion.

Chapter XXVI. On Sensible Devotion. Revelations, Consolations. The Holy Eucharist.

Chapter XXVII. On Obedience and Disobedience. On a Modest and Edifying Deportment.

Chapter XXVIII. The World is the Great Book of God.

Chapter XXIX. The Use of Creatures as Steps to Ascend to God.

Chapter XXX. The Devout Man Must Carefully Strive to Have a Right Intention, and Cultivate Purity in All Things.

Chapter XXXI. On the Custody of the Tongue and of the Ears, and the Love of Our Neighbour.

Chapter XXXII. On Judgment and Censure of Others. On Watchfulness over Ourselves by Day and by Night.

Chapter XXXIII. In Order to Eradicate Our Defects We Must Have a Firm and Courageous Will, and Confidence in God.

Chapter XXXIV. On Desire of the True Joys of Heaven.

Chapter XXXV. On the Delights of Our Heavenly Country.

Chapter XXXVI. On Preparation for a Happy Death. The Profession of One About to Die, and His Consolation.

Chapter XXXVII. Christ is the Sure Hope of Our Salvation.

Chapter XXXVIII. Against Despair and Anxiety in the Hour of Death.

The Spiritual Mirror


Chapter I. How He Must Begin, Who Wishes to Serve God with His Whole Heart.

Chapter II. Certain Virtues in Which a Christian Must Exercise Himself.

Chapter III. How a Spiritual Man Should Conduct Himself Towards His Neighbour, and the Good Offices He Ought to Render HIm.

Chapter IV. On the Ordering of Love, Pleasure, Dress, Refection, and the Custody of the Senses, Gestures, and Thoughts.

Chapter V. Counsels and Practices of Discretion.

Chapter VI. Rules for the Consolation of the Tempted.

Chapter VII. Consolation for the Imperfect Who Are of Good Will.

Chapter VIII. The School of Humility and Patience.

Chapter IX. The Doctrine and Various Practices of Resignation.

Chapter X. Seven Interior Exercises with Their Several Objects.

Chapter XI. We Must Ever Aspire to Mystical Union with God.

Chapter XII. Reverence for the Holy Eucharist.—Worship of the Mother of God, and of the Saints in Heaven.

Chapter XIII. An Antidote to Aridity and Desolation.

Chapter XIV. Thoughts on the Last Things.

A String of Spiritual Jewels

Appendix. Of the Four Holy Women Frequently Mentioned in the Foregoing Book


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