Incendium Amoris

by Richard Rolle of Hampole


Incendium Amoris, translated as The Fire of Love, was written by Richard Rolle. Rolle was an author, a hermit, and an English mystic who lived from 1300 to 1349. This work chronicles Rolle's experiences as a mystic. Here, he describes three specific kinds of experiences. The first is a physical feeling of warmth throughout his body. Secondly, his senses are bathed with sweetness. The last mystic experience is audibly hearing music that only heaven could produce while he recites various Psalms. Getting closer to God is a goal of mysticism, and these experiences are directly associated with the stages of that process.

Wailand Groenendyk
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Picture of Richard Rolle of Hampole
Picture of Richard Rolle of Hampole
Source: Wikipedia
Born: January 1, 1290
Died: January 1, 1349
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