St. Eucherius of Lyons

Bishop of Lyons and ascetic author


AD 370
AD 450
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Born in the latter half of the fourth century, St. Eucherius died about 449. On the death of his wife he withdrew to the monastery of Lenins, where his sons, Veranius and Salonius, lived, and soon afterward to the neighboring island of Lerona (now Sainte-Marguerite), where he devoted his time to study and mortification. Desirous of joining the anchorites in the deserts of the East, he consulted John Cassian, who, in reply, sent him some of his Collationes, describing the daily lives of the hermits of the Thiebaud. It was at this time that Eucherius wrote his beautiful letter De laude Eremi to St. Hilary of Arles (c. 428). Though imitating the virtues of the Egyptian solitaries, he kept in touch with men renowned for learning and piety, e.g. Cassian, St. Hilary of Arles, St. Honoratus, later Bishop of Marseilles, and Valerian, to whom he wrote his Epistola parænetica de contemptu mundi. The fame of Eucherius was soon so widespread in southeastern Gaul, that he was chosen Bishop of Lyons. This was probably in 434; it is certain, at least that he attended the First Council of Orange( 441) as Metropolitan of Lyons, and that he retained this dignity until his death.

In addition to the above-mentioned letters, Eucherius wrote Formularium spiritualis intelligentiæ ad Veranium, and Institutiones ad Salonium, besides many homilies. His works have been published both separately and among the writings of the Fathers.

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