Formulae of St. Eucherius of Lyons

by St. Eucherius of Lyons


In the early fifth century, St. Eucherius became famous across southeastern Gaul for his piety and asceticism. In his Formulae, he lays out a method for acquiring spiritual knowledge through the study of the Holy Scripture. He suggests ways to interpret the meanings behind the names of God, the places mentioned by the biblical authors, the symbolism used in biblical poetry, and the history of the Israelite nation. After each statement, St. Eucherius cites at least one supporting passage of scripture. The Formulae provide a fascinating insight into the biblical hermeneutics of the early medieval period of Christianity.

Kathleen O’Bannon
CCEL Staff

About St. Eucherius of Lyons

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Picture of St. Eucherius of Lyons
Picture of St. Eucherius of Lyons
Born: AD 370
Died: AD 450
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