Pseudepigrapha: An Account of Certain Apocryphal Sacred Writings of the Jews and Early Christians

by William J. Deane


In Pseudepigrapha, William Deane surveys the Psalter of Solomon, the Book of Enoch, the Assumption of Moses, the Apocalypse of Baruch, the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs, the Book of Jubilees, the Ascension of Isaiah, and the Sibylline Oracles. These books are pseudepigraphous, which means they were falsely authored before and during the early Christian era under famous names to promote publicity. These books were never included in the Jewish Canonical Scriptures and are examined less frequently than the other apocryphal writings. The pseudepigraphical texts are organized into four different groups: lyrical, apocalyptical and prophetical, legendary, and mixed. Deane intended this book to give a succinct account of these controversial books for readers who are not familiar with them. Despite their biblical inauthenticity, these books can greatly enrich our knowledge of the ancient Jewish belief system.

Emmalon Davis
CCEL Staff Writer

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  Born: AD 1823
Died: AD 1895
Related topics: Abraham--(Biblical patriarch), Commentaries, David,--King of Israel, Apocryphal books, Biography, …
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