Expositor's Bible: The Prophecies of Jeremiah, Volume I

by C. J. Ball


Expositor's Bible: The Prophecies of Jeremiah (1890) is part of the original fifty volumes known as The Expositor's Bible edited by W. Robertson Nicoll. Charles James (C.J.) Ball is the author of this volume and has subtitled it,"With a Sketch of His Life and Times." It is with this sketch that Ball starts the volume. Jeremiah's call to become a prophet and his subsequent consecration are explained. Ball discusses the role of Egypt as the one to whom Judah puts its trust. The third chapter of this volume compares and contrasts Israel and Judah. Ball writes about several other contrasts. Heathen Idols and God are contrasted. Keeping the Sabbath versus breaking the Sabbath is contrasted. Drought versus rain, useful vessel versus a broken vessel, and pride versus humility are comparisons extracted from the book of Jeremiah. Ball returns to the prophet Jeremiah at the end of this volume and expounds upon the persecution Jeremiah endured throughout his life at the hands of the people and leadership of Judah.

Wailand Groenendyk
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  Born: AD 1851
Died: AD 1924
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