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517 Children of the heavenly King
518 Hark! the voice eternal
519 Ancient of Days, who sittest, throned in glory
520 Alleluia! Alleluia
521 Rejoice, the Lord is King
522 See the Conqueror mounts in triumph
523 Jesus, King of glory
524 Hear us, thou that broodedst
525 I Bind unto myself today
526 O Savior, precious Savior
527 Savior, blessed Savior
528 At the Name of Jesus
529 Brightly gleams our banner
530 Onward, Christian soldiers
531 Forward! be our watchword
532 On our way rejoicing
533 We march, we march to victory
534 Lead on, O King Eternal
535 Go forward, Christian soldier
536 O happy band of pilgrims
537 Rejoice, ye pure in heart
538 Stand up, stand up, for Jesus
539 Through the night of doubt and sorrow
540 Those eternal bowers
541 Ten thousand times ten thousand
542 I heard a sound of voices
543 Jerusalem! high tower thy glorious walls
544 O what the joy and the glory must be
Also the following:
4 Christ, whose glory fills the skies
22 The shadows of the evening hours
61 Rejoice, rejoice, believers
67 Thou art coming, O my Savior
72 O come, all ye faithful
76 Christians, awake
85 The Son of God goes forth to war
92 From the eastern mountains
103 Hark! the song of jubilee
110 Alleluia, song of gladness
113 Fight the good fight
143 All glory, laud, and honour
144 The royal banners forward go
145 Ride on, ride on in majesty
167 O Paradise, O Paradise
168 Hail! festal day (Easter)
169 Welcome, happy morning
171 The day of resurrection
184 Hail! festal day (Ascension)
185 Look, ye saints; the sight is glorious
195 Hail! festal day (Whitsun)
205 Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty
210 Holy Father, great Creator
253 The God of Abraham praise
266 Ye watchers and ye holy ones
295 For all the saints
297 Hark! the sound of holy voices
352 Again the morn of gladness
356 Fairest Lord Jesus
423 We plow the fields, and scatter
433 Once to every man and nation
442 God of the nations
449 Jesus, still lead on
458 Christ is our cornerstone
468 Glorious things of thee are spoken
474 O Sion, haste, thy mission high
483 God is working his purpose out
501 When wilt thou save the people
508 Blessed city, heavenly Salem
509 O heavenly Jerusalem
510 O mother dear, Jerusalem
512 For thee, O dear, dear country
557 God hath sent his angels
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