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540. Those eternal bowers

St. Alban's (Morley):

Thomas Morley (1842-1891), 1867

Greek; St. John of Damascus (-749);

Tr. John Mason Neale, 1862;


Those eternal bowers

Man hath never trod,

Those unfading flowers

Round the throne of God:

Who may hope to gain them

After weary fight?

Who at length attain them,

Clad in robes of white?

He who wakes from slumber

At the Spirit's voice,

Daring here to number

Things unseen his choice:

He who casts his burden

Down at Jesus' cross;

Christ's reproach his guerdon,

All beside but loss.

He who gladly barters

All on earthly ground;

He who, like the martyrs,

Says, "I will be crowned";

He whose one oblation

Is a life of love,

Knit in God's salvation.

To the blest above.


Shame upon you, legions

Of the heavenly King,

Citizens of regions

Past imagining!

What! with pipe and tabour

Dream away the light,

When he bids you labour,

When he tells you, "Fight"?

Jesus, Lord of glory,

As we breast the tide,

Whisper thou the story

Of the other side;

Where the saints are casting

Crowns before thy feet,

Safe for everlasting,

In thyself complete.


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