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524. Hear us, thou that broodedst

6.5., 12 lines

King's College:

Arthur H. Mann, 1916


Godfrey Thring, 1873

Hear us, thou that broodedst

O'er the wat'ry deep,

Waking all creation

From its primal sleep;

Holy Spirit, breathing

Breath of life divine,

Breathe into our spirits,

Blending them with thine.

Light and Life immortal!

Hear us as we raise

Hearts, as well as voices,

Mingling prayer and praise.


When the sun ariseth

In a cloudless sky,

May we feel thy presence,

Holy Spirit, nigh;

Shed thy radiance o'er us,

Keep it cloudless still,

Through the day before us,

Perfecting thy will.

When the fight is fiercest

In the noontide heat,

Bear us, Holy Spirit,

To our Savior's feet;

There to find a refuge

Till our work is done,

There to fight the battle

Till the battle's won.

If the day be falling

Sadly as it goes,

Slowly in its sadness

Sinking to its close,

May thy love in mercy,

Kindling, ere it die,

Cast a ray of glory

O'er our evening sky.

Morning, noon, and evening,

Whensoe'er it be,

Grant us, gracious Spirit,

Quickening life in thee:

Life that gives us, living,

Life of heavenly love,

Life that brings us, dying,

Life from heaven above.



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