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The Church Triumphant

512. For thee, O dear, dear country


Arthur S. Sullivan, 1867

Ely Cathedral:

T. Tertius Noble, 1895

Latin; St. Bernard of Cluny, 1145;

Tr. John Mason Neale, 1858

For thee, O dear, dear country,

Mine eyes their vigils keep;

For very love beholding

Thy holy name, they weep.

The mention of thy glory

Is unction to the breast,

And medicine in sickness,

And love, and life, and rest.


O one, O only mansion!

O Paradise of joy!

Where tears are ever banished

And smiles have no alloy;

Thy loveliness oppresses

All human thought and heart,

And none, O Peace, O Sion,

Can sing thee as thou art.

With jasper glow thy bulwarks,

Thy streets with emeralds blaze;

The sardius and the topaz

Unite in thee their rays;

Thine ageless walls are bonded

With amethyst unpriced;

The saints build up thy fabric,

And the corner-stone is Christ.

The cross is all thy splendour,

The Crucified thy praise;

His laud and benediction

Thy ransomed people raise:

Upon the Rock of Ages

They build thy holy tower;

Thine is the victor's laurel,

And thine the golden dower.

O sweet and blessèd country,

The home of God's elect!

O sweet and blessèd country,

That eager hearts expect!

Jesus, in mercy bring us

To that dear land of rest;

Who art, with God the Father,

And Spirit, ever blest.


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