Christ of History: An Argument Grounded in the Facts of His Life on Earth.

by John Young


"A change in the form of the argument for the proper deity of Jesus Christ seems to be demanded in our day. Accepted and familiar proofs may not have lost their strength, but they have lost their freshness, and they are wanting in adaptation to the peculiar intellectual culture and structure of the present age." This is the introduction John Young gives for his book, Christ of History. While the title may give the impression of a basic history book, an overview of Christ's time here on Earth, this book is actually an argument as the subtitle suggests. Young details the conditions, work, and spirituality of Christ, and then explains how each aspect proves the divinity of Jesus. A work that will inform many debates about the subject, Christ of History is an accurate representation of "fully divine" arguments about Christology.

Abby Zwart
CCEL Staff Writer

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  Born: AD 1805
Died: AD 1881
Related topics: Good and evil, Divinity of Christ, Religion--Philosophy, Jesus Christ, Rationalism, …
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