Swiss Family Robinson

by Johann David Wyss


With a father's heart and minister's mission, Johann David Wyss wrote The Swiss Family Robinson which was first published in 1812. Wyss takes the reader aboard a sturdy sailing vessel that will be shipwrecked near a deserted island. The ship's crew perishes but the Robinson family survives. Marooned on this island the family must use the available resources to survive. But more than that, the family members will have their character tested. The story isn't just about a family building a new life, this novel is also about their faith and resilience forming the foundation upon which to build. Through this entertaining story filled with challenges, dangers, choices, failures, and successes, Wyss meant to teach his four sons many Christian principles such as morality, integrity, and perseverance. Interestingly, one of Wyss' sons edited the manuscript and another son illustrated the first publication.

Wailand Groenendyk
CCEL Staff Writer

About Johann David Wyss

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Picture of Johann David Wyss
Picture of Johann David Wyss
Born: May 28, 1743
Died: January 11, 1818
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