Adolf Wuttke

Protestant theologian, author and politician


November 10, 1819
April 12, 1870
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Ethics, Christian ethics, Civilization, Felibrige, Criticism, interpretation, etc.,


Karl Friedrich Adolf Wuttke's father, a tailor, sent his son to the prestigious Maria Maddalenen Gymnsaium in Wroclaw in 1830. After graduating in 1840, he studied Protestant theology at the University of Wroclaw where he was strongly influenced by the philosopher Christlief Braniss Julius (1792-1873). Subsequently, he was a candidate in Koningsberg (Prussia) as well as in his home town of Wroclaw. Further, he studied theology at Breslau, Berlin, and Halle, where he eventually became "professor ordinarius."

Because of his interest in politics, he was as a member of the party altkonservativen the legislature and also a member of the Prussian House of Representatives.

He is known as the author of a treatise on Christian ethics, (Handbuch der christlichen Sittenlehre, 1860-1863), and works on heathen religion (Die Geschichte des Heidentums, 1851-1853), and a work on superstition (Der deutsche Volksaberglaube der Gegenwart, 1865).

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