Journal of John Woolman

by John Woolman


The Journal of John Woolman tells the encouraging and powerful story of John Woolman's life. John Woolman was a 17th century Quaker and abolitionist. His Journal focuses on his moral, spiritual, and intellectual development. In particular, it depicts Woolman's deep concern for equality and justice. His concern made him act as an agent of restoration towards those whom he saw as being oppressed in his time. He was an open advocate of abolition, and encouraged many to free their slaves. But his influence extended beyond the Quakers. His letters and journeys have impacted many different people; his Journal alone has been continuously published since 1774--a true testimony to the significance and impact of his life! Reading this powerful work will encourage one to be, following John Woolman's example, a positive force of justice, equality, and restoration in the world.

Tim Perrine
CCEL Staff Writer

About John Woolman

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Picture of John Woolman
Picture of John Woolman
Born: October 19, 1720
Died: October 7, 1772
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