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The Königsberg Circle

Still more natural was it that at such a time the heavy sorrow, the ceaseless anxieties of earthly life, and the intense longing for the peace and joy of heaven, should find a voice in song; and of this 184 class is the lovely hymn of Meyfart, professor of theology at Erfurt, who died in 1642,

"Jerusalem, thou city fair and high,"2121"Jerusalem du hachgebante Stadt."

and so are several of the hymns of Simon Dach of Königsberg.2222Also of, e.g. Heinrich Held. At Königsberg in those stormy days lived a little knot of friends who by no means escaped their share of trouble, but found solace under it in their religion, their mutual friendship, and the practice of music and poetry. The eldest of them was George Weissel, pastor of one of the churches; and next to him was Robert Roberthin. Then came Simon Dach professor of poetry, and Thilo professor of rhetoric in the university, and Heinrich Albert the organist of the cathedral. All these men wrote hymns or sacred poems, and Dach and Albert also composed chorales.

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