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The Final Conflict and Heaven



Jerusalem du hochgebaute Stadt

J. M. Meyfart. 1634.

Jerusalem, thou city fair and high,

Would God I were in thee!

My longing heart fain fain to thee would fly,

It will not stay with me;

Far over vale and mountain,

Far over field and plain,

It hastes to seek its Fountain

And quit this world of pain.

Oh happy day, and yet far happier hour,

When wilt thou come at last?

When fearless to my Father's love and power,

Whose promise standeth fast,

My soul I gladly render,

For surely will His hand

Lead her with guidance tender

To heaven her fatherland.


A moment's space, and gently, wondrously,

Released from earthly ties,

The fiery chariot bears her up to thee

Through all these lower skies,

To yonder shining regions,

While down to meet her come

The blessed angel legions,

And bid her welcome home.

Oh hail thou glorious city! now unfold

The gates of grace to me!

How many a time I long'd for thee of old,

Ere yet I was set free

From yon dark life of sadness,

Yon world of shadowy nought,

And God had given the gladness,

The heritage I sought.

Oh what the nation, what the glorious host,

Comes sweeping swiftly down?

The chosen ones on earth who wrought the most,

The Church's brightest crown,

Our Lord hath sent to meet me,

As in the far-off years

Their words oft came to greet me

In yonder land of tears.

The Patriarchs' and Prophets' noble train,

With all Christ's followers true,

Who bore the cross, and could the worst disdain

That tyrants dared to do,


I see them shine for ever,

All-glorious as the sun,

'Mid light that fadeth never,

Their perfect freedom won.

And when within that lovely Paradise

At last I safely dwell,

From out my blissful soul what songs shall rise,

What joy my lips shall tell,

While holy saints are singing

Hosannas o'er and o'er,

Pure Hallelujahs ringing

Around me evermore.

Innumerous choirs before the shining throne

Their joyful anthems raise,

Till Heaven's glad halls are echoing with the tone

Of that great hymn of praise,

And all its host rejoices,

And all its blessed throng

Unite their myriad voices

In one eternal song!

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