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In great inward Distress.


Jesu mein Erbarmer höre

Tersteegen. 1731.

Jesus, pitying Saviour, hear me,

Draw Thou near me,

Turn Thee, Lord, in grace to me;

For Thou knowest all my sorrow,

Night and morrow

Doth my cry go up to Thee.

Lost in darkness, girt with dangers,

Round me strangers,

Through an alien land I roam,

Outward trials, bitter losses,

Inward crosses,

Lord, Thou know'st have sought me home.

See the fetters that have bound me,

Snares surround me,

Free the captive, hear my call;

Ah from sin my soul I never

Can deliver,

I am weak and helpless all.

Though the tempter's wiles and cunning

I am shunning,

Yet they vex and wound me sore;

Oft I waver, oft I languish,

Fill'd with anguish,

Strength and rest are mine no more.


Peace I cannot find, oh take me,

Lord, and make me

From the yoke of evil free;

Calm this longing never-sleeping,

Still my weeping,

Grant me hope once more in Thee.

Sin of courage hath bereft me,

And hath left me

Scarce a spark of faith or hope;

Bitter tears my heart oft sheddeth

As it dreadeth

I am past Thy mercy's scope.

Lord, wilt Thou be wroth for ever?

Oh deliver

Me from all I most deserved;

'Tis Thyself, dear Lord, hast sought me,

Thou hast taught me

Thee to seek from whom I swerved.

Thou, my God and King, hast known me,

Yet hast shown me

True and loving is Thy will;

Though my heart from Thee oft ranges,

Through its changes,

Lord, Thy love is faithful still.

Satan watches to betray me,

He would slay me,

Quicken Thou my faith and powers,


Let me, though Thy face Thou'rt hiding,

Still confiding,

Look to Thee in darkest hours.

Bless my trials thus to sever

Me for ever

From the love of self and sin;

Let me through them see Thee clearer,

Find Thee nearer,

Grow more like to Thee within.

In the patience that Thou lendest

All Thou sendest

I embrace, I will be still;

Bend this stubborn heart I pray Thee

To obey Thee,

Calmly waiting on Thy will.

Here I bring my will, oh take it,

Thine, Lord, make it,

Calm this troubled heart of mine;

In Thy strength I too may conquer,

Wait no longer,

Show in me Thy grace Divine.

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