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Ach Gott und Herr wie gross und schwer

Rutilius. 1604; and Gross. 1627.

Alas! my Lord and God,

How heavy is my load,

My sins are great and weigh me to the ground;

The yoke doth sorely press,

And yet in my distress

Through all the world no helper can be found.


And fled I in my fear

Far far away from here,

To earth's remotest end--Thou still wert there.

My anguish and my pain

Would yet with me remain;

I could not flee away from my despair.

'Tis Thou canst help alone,

I cast me at Thy throne,

Reject me not, though I deserve it, Lord;

Ah think of all Thy Son

For me, for me, hath done,

Nor let me feel Thy sharp avenging sword.

And if it must be so,

That punishment and woe

Must follow sin, then let me bear it here;

Low at Thy feet I bow,

Oh let me suffer now,

But spare me yonder, then in love appear.

Oh Lord, forget my sin,

And deign to put within

A calm obedient heart, a patient mind,

That I may murmur not,

Though bitter seem my lot,

For hearts unthankful can no blessing find.

Do Thou, O Lord, with me

As seemeth best to Thee,

For Thou wilt strengthen me to bear the rod,


For this alone I pray,

Oh cast me not away,

For ever from Thy grace, Thou pitying God.

Nay, that Thou wilt not do,

I know Thy word is true,

My faith can rest in quiet hope on Thee,

The death of Christ, I know,

Hath freed me from my woe,

And open'd heaven to sinners and to me.

Lord Jesus, where Thou art

All doubt and dread depart,

My refuge is the cross where Thou wast slain,

Where Thou, Lord, for our sake

Didst all our griefs partake,

And die our comfort and our grace to gain.

Here at my Saviour's side,

Here let me still abide,

Then death may come, but little he destroys;

Though soul and body part,

I live where Thou, Lord, art,

My sins wiped out amid eternal joys.

All praise to God alone,

Who claims me for His own,

Through Christ my Lord; O let me trust Him then,

And lean in fullest faith

On what my Saviour saith,

He who believeth shall be saved; Amen.

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